We translate texts from a wide range of disciplines. While we also handle a wide range of legal, economic, financial and marketing documents, our specialization remains technical translations.

In our agency we translate texts from a wide range of areas. Technical specializations are the most common documents with a wide range of types of documents for translation.

Types of technical documents:

  • User manuals and guides
  • Service manuals
  • Catalogues
  • Product cards and descriptions
  • Training documentation
  • Project documentation
  • Vehicle manuals
  • Service manuals
  • Vehicle and machinery specifications
  • Marketing documentation
  • Software (UI, tutorials and help documentation)
  • Hardware (specifications and user manuals)
  • Personal electronics (UI and manuals)

We complete all translations in cooperation with professional translators with experience in various technical fields. The translator for each translation is carefully selected, taking into account their experience and expertise with respect to the nature of the text.

We use modern software for technical translations to create glossaries and terminology bases for individual departments and individual clients.
This provides clients with a guarantee that their technical text translations are entirely consistent in terms of terminology and that the terminology shall conform to current trends in the target language.

Technical translation projects frequently involve a variety of file formats containing lots of diagrams, drawings and descriptions. Our designers and DTP operators handle complex graphics and formatting of translated documents. More info

We process technical translations in combinations with Slovak language and well as in varying combinations in Czech with English or German.